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How To Shorten A Skirt

Put the skirt on and stand in front of a full length mirror. Shorten the skirt or dress yourself.

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Its not hard to do.

How to shorten a skirt. Shorten skirt from waist is usually because their is some type of embellishment feature at the hem or it may have a border you want to leave in tact. They just shorten a skirt or a dress according to your mark. Other reasons to shorten skirt from waist are the skirt is pleated.

Be prepared to one or two big surprises. Or maybe youd like to refresh an old skirt by giving it a new look. Match marks and pin the elastic 14 away from the upper raw edge of the garment on the wrong side.

I do this by butting the ends on a scrap of fabric. But is it better. Lightly press and pin through both layers of the skirt.

They would use the mark for drawing a line from the bottom up as many inches as you want then they would cut your skirt and hem it. Many alterationists at drycleaners use the quick way. This is cheaper for you and easier for them.

Quarter the skirt and the elastic and mark. Now turn the skirt inside out slide it onto the ironing board and fold up one inch from the bottom. Choose a matching color of thread and get your sewing machine threaded.

Hike the skirt up by turning the waist band over onto itself or raising the waistband and clamping any extra fabric with a clothes pin or chip clip in the back so the skirt stays up. Maybe the existing length isnt flattering. Once you mark your cutting line grab your sewing scissors and cut away.

Learn how to make your skirt a few inches shorter with these quick and easy instructions. Why would you want to shorten a skirt. Some skirts were meant to be shorter.

Fit and mark stitch the elastic into a full circle. Shorten from the top to keep the pleated hem in tact.

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